Jini An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove Review


First of all I need to preface that I’m not a NSWER (I don’t stan Nmixx. I’ve heard the title tracks and like some of them but I don’t know the members) so I didn’t know Jinni before this. I was aware in the peripheral kpop news that she left the group and that the reasons are a mystery. That isn’t something I was really keeping up with though nor was I really invested in it. What I mean by all this is that what drew me to this project wasn’t the Nmixx stuff. I was most drawn in by the combination of the teaser photos which I saw via a tiktok and the absolutely sick title. An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove??? Thats so cool are you kidding me?? So yeah lets get to the music!

Here We Go Again

*photo links to lyric video*

lyrics: 9/10

I bit of a “i get knocked down but I get up again” type of song. It’s all about trying again and second chances. It makes sense as a redebut song bc this is literally her doing it again. I really like the bridge where she repeats "Last time said it'd be the last time"

music: 10/10

Its really really good. Especially the chorus. It’s fun and punchy and the way she sings againnnnn is so addictive. It’s a jam!

overall: 9.5/10

It’s really a great song and I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t the title track. Maybe they thought the lyrics were too on the nose or they just thought the english collab would be more successful.

C'mon (feat. Aminé)

*photo links to mv*

lyrics: 6/10

I’ll mostly be judging the English lyrics bc its an English song but I’ll let you know any interesting places the korean version differs (since I’m not reviewing that version separately). It’s one if those classic pop songs that seems to vaguely be about sex but they keep a plausible deniability. They almost give up that deniability though during Amine’s guest verse where he says to “bend your back and do it just like this”. Overall the lyrics aren’t very interesting but they do the job. I do like how the Korean version says it’s “as if I’m possessed by you” which seems slightly more sinister than the English version.

mv: 7/10

It feels cheap but not in a bad way just in a nugu way. It uses the school setting well. I really like her styling. Especially the cheerleader outfit. She looks really cute. There are some cool scenes like the part with her running down the hall when the lights flicker it switches to a different her dancing in the hall. The way it cuts back and forth with the lights is a cool effect. I also was disappointed though that they never showed her fully animated bc it had two scenes teasing an animated version of her. I get that that would have been expensive but I still wish it had happened.

music: 9/10

It’s really good! It’s very fun and catchy and I like it a lot. The lalala’s are really cute and the whole thing is perfect for dancing. Speaking of which the dance is cute. I like when she links arms with the backup dancers.

overall: 7.3/10

It’s a very solid debut! I think it’s cool that they got Amine (and kind of random) but I don’t think he really brought much to the song.

Dancing With The Devil

*photo links to lyric video*

lyrics: 5/10

She going to the club she’s dancing the night away, you get the picture. Pretty repetitive and not much to talk about.

music: 8.5/10

I really like the chorus of background singers at parts of the song. It makes it feel really big. It’s got a great danceable beat!

overall: 6.8/10

The whole thing is a really fun dance pop song. It’s got more of a western feel I think without being an english song. Like it sounds like something an American pop artist would release.

Bad Reputation

*photo links to performance video w/ lyrics*

lyrics: 9/10

The best lyrics on the album and turns out this is the only song where Jini has a writing credit! Get her on more songs next time! It starts with her talking to an ex who became abusive over time. Their words become “hot and painful” and crossing her boundaries. And then the second verse is her letting in someone new and promising it will be different. The korean lyrics are interesting and well written and the English lyrics all have a satisfying rhythm.

music: 9/10

So cuteeee! The way she sings the chorus is very catchy. Also I love how the chorus sounds in general. I don’t know how to describe it exactly but the deep synths (I think thats what it is) make it have a grand sort of feeling while the keys are very sweet sounding.

overall: 9/10

She may have a bad reputation with love but this song has a good reputation with me ^_^ Unlike the last song this one feels very kpop and in a really good way.


Average Rating: 8.2/10

It’s a solid debut ep! No skips! I’m definitely looking forward to what she releases in the future. I have absolutely nothing against Nmixx but I think Jini’s solo style suits my personal taste more. As for if I’ll buy the album. I’d say no bc as much as I liked the music I’d only buy physical albums if I actually stan. If anyone finds scans of the photobook online, though, let me know! The teaser photoshoot had such a cool vibe which I’d love to see more of.

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