Kpop Song Reviews

(G)i-dle I Do

Song is a 3/5 music video is a 5/5. I loved the mv so much! It's so cool that all the members played one shapeshifting alien. Also Minnie slayed the alien look so hard. The half dye with blue looks so pretty on her. The song itself is kind of disappointing. I think it's boring and didn't really do anything special. The creativity of the mv makes up for it to a certain extent but the song isn't going in my playlist. I'd rate the album but it's just a single. So yeah great video, great concept, kind of mid song.

Misamo Do Not Touch

Fantastic incredible showstopping! The mv is gorgeous with all the classic art references. Also idk why they had sana and momo singing into eachothers mouths like that but I won’t complain 👀. The song itself is super catchy and cool. I like it a lot. Especially the message of consent is awesome. Very Clc no oh oh but with the vibe of clc black dress lol. I recommend 100% shes a 5/5 on all fronts. Also I want to marry Mina. She’s everything T^T

Kep1er Galileo

I love my Kepi girls and I love when they have cute fun songs. I honestly wasn't in love with this song at first listen though. It has grown on me a lot but it's still not my favorite Kep1er title track.The lyrics are also kind of funny. What does "My heart is full of hearts" even mean? lol. Overall she's cute and groovy but the b-sides are better. I especially love the subunit song Tape. Sooo good! Oh also Hiyyih ate with her little "1+1= I miss you too" part. I'm happy to see it becoming a little tiktok trend. 4/5 stars.

Seventeen God of Music

If there was a god of music.. that would be cool I guess. This whole concept is very cute to me. It's just about how much they love music! The mv is very fun. I love the part where Woozi sings a duet with a cgi ant. Like thats so silly! Also the final chorus where they're leading a whole parade feels really epic. As far as the song goes, I think the verses were a little lackluster but I really liked the chorus. The kung chi pak chi part is insanly catchy. 4/5 stars.