TripleS EVOLution Review


In case you aren't familiar with the Triple S system, it's a seemingly ever growing group of girls (currently 24) that create many different combinations of subunits. Fans get to vote to decide these subunits. The subunit we're talking about today was formed through the "Second Grand Gravity" vote which split the members into the two groups. The first group is LOVElution who released the absolute bop Girls Capitalism. The second group formed by that vote is who we'll be talking about today: EVOLution! I personally don't stan TripleS (although I would like to) but I've really enjoyed all thier releases so far. Also they have Chaeyeon who is a former member of Busters. I was an original Busters stan fighting in the trenches to promote them back in the day. I'm really happy she's found success in a new group (as well as Kep1er's Yeseo and Class:y's Hyungseo). Oh also I'll be skipping the intro track. Now to the music!


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lyrics: 9/10

Do I know what they're talking about all the time? No I do not, but they made me want to figure it out and thats really what I'm looking for. Surface level, the song is about being strong like a diamond and shining brightly but also this song is kinda lore heavy. Especially the lyric "The secret of my dream? Countless many different dimensions". Triple S calls their subunits "dimensions" and it seems to be that within the lore each subunit has different alternate universe versions of the girls. It seems that this song is about EVOLution trying to traverse the dimensions. I think that is also why the lyrics mention +(KR)ystal Eyes (another subunit). It's showing that they are aware of the other dimensions. Why specifically do they call out +KRE? I don't really know. They also namedrop the song Rising which was the first song they released as a full group (well they've added members since then but still). That seems significant. As a side note theres a line I took forever trying to decipher but decided it isn't meaningful to the lore and is probably a pun. One of them sings "like Tiffany and 꿈" and I kept trying to figure out what "Tiffany and dream" means but I think it's just a play on Tiffany and Co. bc 꿈 (pronounced kkum) sounds a little like Co. and y'know.. the song is about diamonds.

mv: 8/10

It follows about a group of girls who break into a school at night to discover diamonds that radiate a strange energy. They get together to meditate and do a ritual with said diamonds and they unlock magical abilities to warp reality around them. They seem very purposeful in thier finding of the diamonds and unlocking their abilties. Combined with the lyrics, my guess is that they want to use the diamond's powers to cross Dimensions. That's me going off of a very limited knowledge of the lore, though. Overall it's interesting and fun to watch. Also Soomin looks crazy gorgeous in her close up scenes. I see why they made her the thumbnail of the video.

music: 8/10

It has a vibey dreamy sound and feels mysterious and intriguing. I love the way the chorus sounds and the way the beat changes throughout the song. It feels like you're walking during the verses and get faster and faster until you break into a sprint for the chorus. I don't mind the vocals even though they sound a bit weak. Also the "fooorever love" part is iconic.

overall: 8.3/10

I really like this song and the vibe that it has. Maybe not my favorite Triple S title track but it's close.


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lyrics: 9/10

My interpretation is that it's about a relationship that the singer knows is ending but she wants to hold on to it anyway. There are lines saying "I want to always be with you" but there are also lines like "I'll remember you" and "You and I were so incredibly beautiful" which imply that this relationship is ending or already over. As far as what Rhodanthe means, it's a type of flower. The flower meaning I found for it is "everlasting happiness and healing" which seems somewhat fitting. There is also a Roman myth about a beautiful woman named Rhodanthe who had many admirers who wouldn't leave her alone. She went to the goddess Diana who turned her into a rose and the men into thorns.

music: 4/10

It's not BAD. It's just a worse version of Fiesta by Iz*one (Yes I know it's made by the same person and I'm not accusing anyone of plagiarism). There are also some parts where the vocals are unpleasantly high pitched. It just doesn't feel like Triple s in general. It doesn't match their sound or vibe. I don't like it much.

overall: 6.5/10

I'd recommend Iz*one for this sound or maybe Limelight (they have some great songs that have a similar sound to Iz*one).

Heavy Metal Wings

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lyrics: 9/10

The lyrics seem to be a metaphor for growing up / finding yourself. It's all about learning to fly even though the hardships of life make your wings heavy. I love the lyric "I realize that becoming an adult means having heavier wings". There are a few references to the story of Icarus. They make thier own wings like him but specify that they won't burn as they get closer to the sun. I also think the term "freestyle angel" sounds so epic. Like yeah girls be freestyle angels!

music: 9.5/10

I just love how this song sounds. The post chorus where they repeat "heavy metal heavy metal wings" is especially so good and catchy. Also the vocals sound the best here on the whole album. They absolutely slay the runs and the high notes actaully sound really nice instead of grating. The beat is fun and funky too.

overall: 9.3/10

This was the song that initially stood out to me on the album. I really really like it and I appreciate it even more knowing the lyrics now.

37.5 Celsius

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lyrics: 6/10

Theres not much to say about the lyrics for this one. It's a pretty cute song about having a crush on someone. I did honestly find the lyrics a bit boring. They didn't really do anything fun with the concept and just made a very straightforward "I like you" song. The title is interesting though. I believe it's referring to the temperature at which someone is considered to have a fever. They reference this with the lyric "I'm a little dizzy, my temperature rises"

music: 9/10

It's funky and fun! I'm not good at identifying instruments but whatever is doing that twangy little riff in the background is so good. I love all the harmonizing too in this song. It adds a lot. Also the little voice that goes "love eachother so much" is a fun touch. It almost sounds like one of those toys with a voice box the way the line is said. It's a really intricate sounding song with lots of little sonic details to focus on.

overall: 7.5/10

The song really does sound great. It reminds me a bit of that one Billlie song, various and precious, for some reason. I can't put my finger on why exactly bc I don't think they are that similar but it was what I immediately thought of when hearing this song.

Moto Princess

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lyrics: 8/10

It seems to me to be a song about becoming a new self with a new lease on life. The title Moto Princess conjures an image of a girl on a motorcyle for me and there are definely lyrics that point to that. They talk about wanting to go fast and they talk about being on the road at night. I also think, though, that they're saying motto in the chorus instead of moto. I could see that making sense with the theme of self improvement but I have no idea what their motto is. Also I laughed at the lyric "I may be young, baby, but I'm so real". It's honestly an iconic line though.

music: 7/10

It's a pretty lowkey chill song. I like the beat

overall: 7.5/10

I can't hear the opening line of this song without thinking about when I used to work at a phone store and the motorolas would say "Hello Moto" whenever we'd power them on.


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lyrics: 8/10

It's very fun cute lyrics. It's a confession song like 37.5 Celcius but they actually describe things in an interesting way here. I like the concept of them asking a "love question" and they hope the answer will be oui. (Idk I guess the love interest is french??) The comparison of their heartbeat to an 808 is a fun detail. Also I think they reference the S.E.S song Dreams Come True bc they put it in quotes in the lyrics.

music: 4/10

I'm sorry but this is the one song I consider skipping. I just don't like the chorus. The "Oui Oui Oui"s don't sound good to me and honestly just remind me of the this little piggy went to market song. Y'know, this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home?

overall: 6/10

I don't dislike the song really but It's my least favorite on the album.

Enhanced Flower

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lyrics: 9/10

Lore?? I think it's lore! I interpret the lyrics to be about what happens before or after the "gravity" events where the girls are put into subunits or "dimensions". It describes the limbo that the girls would exist in when they don't have a dimension or how the song puts it "the time before the collision". She says "take away Gravity and fall into the sky" which would be the subunits disolving and the girls going back into the limbo. In the second verse she describes feeling cold and lonely but how they're still there for eachother.

music: 10/10

Incredible. This song is very short and about half of it is just instumental but it's so good! It's so suspenseful and then the big unsettling noise after "we kill loving" hits so hard. It has such a great atmosphere! Highly recommend

overall: 9.5/10

This one is actually a solo song bc only Jiwoo sings in it. She sounds great in it too! She has the perfect slightly ominous tone. My favorite on the album which is wild bc it's a less than 2 minute outro song. Oh also ignore that I put the wrong name for the picture I wasn't paying attention when I made it and I don't want to remake it.


Average Rating: 7.8/10

I overall enjoyed this album but there's a pretty big difference between the ones I like a lot and the ones that I think are just okay. I've actually been listening to this album a lot since it came out. Mostly as I'm going to sleep. I really want to stan TripleS and I think this review was my first step. I latched onto some lore aspects I think and I really love that stuff. Now I just need to get to know all the members -_- theres so many of them. Would I buy this album? No probably not I'm not in love with the photoshoots and I don't stan yet. Now I'd love to know what you all think! Please let me know (You can use my comments if you'd like. It's a hidden secret page on my website but I'll spoil it. Just click the subway gif above the main menu!)

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