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Why I Love Care Bears

Honestly it's hard to explain why I latched onto them the way that I did. Care Bears have always been a part of my life. I would watch the 80's tv show and movies on vhs as a little kid and I had a book of care bears songs that used to belong to my mom that I loved. It had a record but we didn't have a player for it so my mom would just sing the songs herself. The one I heard the most was bedtime bears song as my parents would sing it when it was time to go to sleep. So as you can see I have a lot of precious memories with Care Bears. I also just think they are absolutely adorable.

Some Care Bears History

The Care Bears are a franchise created by American Greetings in the 80's best known for thier toyline and animated tv shows and movies. The Care Bears were the result of a partnership between American Greetings and the toy brand Kenner (at the time best known for star wars figures) who wanted to get into the teddy bear business. The original six bears were designed by a team including Muriel Fahrion, the original designer of Strawberry Shortcake. The teddy bears were designed by Susan Trentel who is actually Muriel's sister. She also designed the dolls for Strawberry Shortcake.

When the concepts for the bears were complete, they were passed off to Elena Kucharik who would become the main illustrator for the brand. Most of the art on this web page was done by her! I absolutely adore her Care Bear paintings.

Wish List

Wish Bear - 2002

I need to replace my first bear!

Bedtime Bear - 1991

The 90's bears are so cool and you can fight me.

Good Luck Bear - 1983

His little wink!

(Aussie Ver.) Care-a-lot Bear - 1983

The cutest care-a-lot bear. Why couldn't she be this cute in the US version??

Grumpy Bear - 2002

He's so babyyyy

Funshine Bear - Current

He has so much personality! Perfect for funshine

Tenderheart Bear - 1983

Look at his :3 face and the eyelashes!

Sea Friend Bear - 1983

One half of the collaboration with WWF

My Collection

Current Era

Cheer Bear            Wish Bear           Togetherness Bear

Daydream Bear         I Care Bear        Calming Heart Bear

Sea Friend Bear

2000s Era

Cheer Bear       Jumbo Grumpy Bear

1980s Era

Cheer Bear

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