Shannon was born in South Korea but grew up in California. She became a trainee in 2009 with Pledis Ent. She would go to school in the US during the school year and then return to Korea for training during the summers. She became part of the predebut group Pledis Girlz in March 2016 and they released the promotional single We (which Shannon helped write) in June. Then in July 2016 she participated in the tv singing competition Girl Spirit. On March 21, 2017 Shannon officially debuted with her fellow Pledis Girlz as the group Pristin with the mini album Hi! Pristin. The title track, Wee Woo, was a hit that even made it to #11 on the Billboard charts. Later that year, they released their first comeback Schxxl Out with the title track We Like on August 23, 2017.

The group gained quite a bit of popularity and won multiple awards in their first year including the Rookie Award ath the Asian Artists Awards (AAA) and Best New Female Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA Awards). After a hiatus in which her fellow Pristin member Kyla returned to the US, it was announced that Pristin would be debuting a subunit known as Pristin V. They released the single album Like A V on May 28, 2018. Shannon was not a part of this subunit, and while it was suspected that another subunit would be debuting soon that included the other half of Pristin, that never came to fruition. A year later on May 24, 2018, Pristin officially disbanded.

Shannon was one of the only members to stay with Pledis and became part of Bumzu from Seventeen's music group Prismfilter. She also has released several songs on her soundcloud and youtube channel. She has yet to have an official soloist debut but if thats something she wants, then I hope we will see that happen in the future. She is an incredibly talented singer, writer, and all around musician who has and will continue to do great things.


NAME: Shannon Bae/ Sungyeon

BIRTHDAY: May 25, 1999