Reviewing the 2023 Snowflake Teddies

Snowflake Teddies are a line of plushies that release christmas themed bears every year. They've been around since the 90's but I started my collection of these cuties last year. I was drawn in by their adorable smiling faces! From now on I intend to buy one every year. This is the journey of me deciding which one I'll be adding to the collection this year as well as giving my opinion on the rest of the 2023 batch. Oh also I tried to find the small version of all the varients bc I like the small ones better, but I couldn't find it for all of them.

Cozy Christmas Lad

I'm starting with the most classic designs of this year. They did a good job making his outfit stand out despite being the default. His hat is especially a nice touch. It looks like an old timey sleeping cap and it's at such a jaunty angle! He's not my first choice but maybe my third. What I end up getting will depend on what I can find at my walmart since I'd rather not order one. It feels more special picking one in the wild!

Classic Christmas Dress Bear

This is the sister bear to the last one. Each design has a "boy" and "girl" version. I like thinking of them as siblings bc I think it's cute. Now about her design. It's cute but feels safe. Like they didn't take any risks with her. She's fine but I wouldn't choose her.

Nutcracker Prince

I love this concept and I see what they were going for. It's just not quite hitting for me the way I'd like it to. I think it's the colors. The blue and yellow just don't really work for me. To be fair though I'd probably like him a lot more if I could have found a mini version. The big ones are just less cute to me.

Nutcracker Princess

She's very cute but once again the colors aren't hitting for me. The pink doesn't feel like nutcracker to me. I do like her dress a lot though. The satin-y arms and snowflake patterned tulle on the the skirt make it seem more intricate than some of the other outfits. If she was the tiny version I'd consider her but she's not a top pick.

My Gingerbread Baby!!

Ahhh he's precious! This is easily my number one pick. He's a little baker making his christmas cookies! Look at his chefs hat and his little bow tie! The gingerbread man decal just brings it all together. And the color scheme! It's simple and harmonious and it works! (Take notes, nutcrackers.) If I don't find him I'll be so sad.

Christmas Cookie Grandma

I like her a lot for sure. Her little bonnet makes her look like an old lady in a very cute way. Her dress is really cute too. I love the straps that look like they have icing on them and the pleated skirt. I do with she was more clearly gingerbread themed though. Maybe my 4th choice.

Top Hat Gentleman

What a dapper lad! He's dressed to impress! I'm very much a fan of this fellow. I usually prefer the warm-toned bears but this is a solid second choice for me after gingerbread boy. I love him ^_^

Party Girl!

The fancy lady counterpart to the gentleman. She's so cuuute! It looks like it's her quince or something. I really like her dress and the ruffles but I wish it was more christmas-y or at least winter-y. If I'm going to buy a snowflake teddy I want it to fit the holiday theme y'know?

Ski Trip Bro

I get what they were going for but this just does not work for me. He looks so goofy to me! I think it's the fault of the color scheme again. He's dressed to much like just some guy. Like compare that to a whimsical nutcracker or a gingerbread baker. He's just going skiing!

Ski Trip Girlie

Same deal as her brother. Like that's just an outfit. The puffball hat is a plus though. And I kind of like the stripes on her coat.


Overall I'm really hyped to get myself my second bear in the collection. I mean it hardly counts as a collection right now with just one! I'll also be keeping an eye out for vintage snowflake teddies at the thrift shop where I work. Also in case you were wondering which one I got last year, here she is!

So those are my opinions but I'd love to hear what you think! Which one is your favorite (You can click the gif above the main menu to leave a comment if you'd like)