Kpop Stan List


                Kep1er                       Bias: Yeseo!

My current favs. I was super into girls planet 999 and love the final group, especially Yeseo!!!, Mashiro, and Yujin.

                Pristin                  Bias: Kyla & Sungyeon

My forever favs. Pristin was the first group I really stanned and I still love them so much. Pledis sucks ass.

                Loona                       Bias: Vivi!

I will always love loona and their post-loona groups. Blockberry sucks ass.

                Twice                   Bias: Nayeon & Dahyun

I've been a fan of Twice for years and I've seen them in concert two times. Me and my sister bond over our shared love of them. Nayeon was my only bias for years but Dahyun bias wreaked me hard when I saw her live.

Semi Ults

                SNSD                     Bias: Sunny

One of the most iconic kpop groups ever and for good reason. I really really like them and their music. I started stanning for real with the 15th aniversary show.

                Red Velvet                    Bias: Yeri

One of the greatest kpop discographies hands down. Also I just adore Yeri!

                fromis_9                    Bias: Nagyung

Pristin's baby sisters! I love their music. They never miss!

                GWSN                    Bias: Seokyoung

They had so much potential!! rip van winkle ;-;

                Limelight                    Bias: MiU

Underrated Gem! I'm excited for Yeseo and Mashiro to join them

Casual Fan

Exo                    tripleS               TRI.BE
Everglow             Oh My Girl               (G)I-dle
Seventeen              Gfriend                  TXT
I.O.I                AOA                    Mamamoo
Gugudan                BerryGood                    EXID
ZeroBaseOne                Billlie                    Itzy
Aespa                Newjeans                    Stray Kids